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HaxMap: Snowstormy Match by Galactic Boy
hax ball maps | Snowstormy Match by Galactic Boy

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Small map with snowy theme and more realistic (except the situation that the snow-colored balls to collide together) physical factors (i.e., damping of the ball is 0.9 instead of 0.99). Don't forget the preview before downloading the map. Nice play :)
Edit for the Ukrainian guy whose name is AndriyShevchenko (haxmaps profile: haxmaps.com/author/3249): I want to say that it's beautiful to see that someone has solved my maze maps. I have watched all the videos which you have recorded and put the site from the beginning to the end. But the screen unfortunately doesn't show some parts of the maps as you see, too. This is also the reason why I didn't put a solution for my yellow maps.


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