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HaxMap: Pac-Man/PacMan (by Osprey)
hax ball maps | Pac-Man/PacMan (by Osprey)

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This map tries to replicate the original Pac-Man as closely as possible. There are other Pac-Man maps that are good for single play, but this one is meant to be played with multiple (2-6) players. Red players are Pac-Man and blue players are ghosts. Red must try to eat all of the pink pellets (small ones give a small speed boost and big ones giver a bigger speed boost) and blue must try to catch red. If red eats all of the pink pellets, red wins. If blue catches every red player, blue wins. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Cops and Robbers. As in that, red players are ejected when touched, even by other red players, so red needs to be careful to avoid blues and each other. Also like Cops and Robbers, and opposite of actual Pac-Man, it makes for much better games if you have more red players than blue (i.e. multiple Pac-Mans). 2 or 3 reds to 1 blue works, as does 4 reds to 2 blues. To discourage blue from camping over pellets, consider setting a time limit of 1 minute, by which time red must eat all pellets and/or blue must catch all of red. Finally, to make red players yellow, so that they look more like Pac-Man, use the following command: /colors red 0 00 fff818


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