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HaxMap: Bowling 3D (by Osprey) (Latest Version)
hax ball maps | Bowling 3D (by Osprey) (Latest Version)

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2-player 10-pin bowling from a 3D perspective. This is a new, 3D version of my most-downloaded map, Bowling v2b, and can be thought of as v3. Each player has his own lane and throws balls by pushing them. The winner is whoever knocks the most pins out. If they knock out the same number, then the winner is whoever used the fewest balls. If you like the design of this map, you may want to also check out my other 3D maps (Water Polo 3D, Basketball 3D and Volleyball 3D). You can click on the "Visit" button above to see all of my maps.


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United States

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7 years ago