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HaxMap: Volleyball 3D (by Osprey)
hax ball maps | Volleyball 3D (by Osprey)

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Volleyball from a 3D perspective and with a beach theme. This uses gravity (meaning that the ball falls to the bottom of the map unless kept up by players), so the gameplay is very similar to the classic (2D) volleyball map, except that players have a lot more room to move around the court and more time to set and make saves. The rules are: each team can hit the ball up to 3 times before it must go over the net, but no player can hit it twice in a row. The exception to both of these rules is that blocks at the net don't count as hits. It's important to follow and enforce these rules, since it makes the game much more fun to play. If you like the design of this map, you may want to also check out my other 3D maps (Water Polo 3D, Basketball 3D and Bowling 3D). You can click on the "Visit" button above to see all of my maps.


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