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HaxMap: 3D Basketball 2016 by Galactic Boy
hax ball maps | 3D Basketball 2016 by Galactic Boy

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There is a new basketball map in 3D form. Pitch and spectators are more realistic. The ball have radius 20 units and proper to pass through the goals. I suggest you to play in 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 since 1 on 1 is boring and more than 3 on 3 makes higher ping. Note that, back-pass is prohibited, otherwise you must give the ball to opponent team. Back-pass border is the middle line. And note that, players who only waits at the next to goals to blocking the opponent teams' shoots have to be banned! I believe that you like it. Have fun. :)
Edit: Sorry for the incomplete picture of the map, I believe that it is an issue that occurs from the site.


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8 years ago