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HaxMap: Ultimate Training by Galactic Boy
hax ball maps | Ultimate Training by Galactic Boy

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Ultimate training contains exactly three main types of training; passing, dribbling, shooting and their subtypes. Dribble the ball through the obstacles as shown by arrows and do NOT reach the ball to red lines, otherwise you have to start from the first. Blue players do 5 on 2 practice in the big area which is in the down-left side. There are 2 (two) through passing zones and 1 normal shooting and 1 rocket shooting zone in the pitch. The area where you do rocket shoot is shown with big "R". And there are two "dribbling-against-opponent" zones in the pitch. The lines which are at down and up-left sides of the pitch have bigger rebound coefficients to give good passes to players to score goals. As I wrote at first, do NOT reach the ball to the red lines, these are borders of training areas. I believe that you like it. Have fun. :)


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