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HaxMap: Curling x 4 (by Osprey)
hax ball maps | Curling x 4 (by Osprey)

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This is an edition of my Curling v3 featuring 4 playing surfaces, allowing for 4 consecutive games. These could be independent games or you might hold an 8-player/team tournament. It's important to note that this map might be laggy for players on slower computers, because of everything going on, so, if you don't need 4 games going on at once, it's advised that you load one of the editions with fewer playing surfaces, instead. If you happen to wonder why the ice isn't white on this map, it's because Haxball has strict limits on map elements, and because the limits are too low to color the ice white on more than one surface, I chose to color none here, for consistency (and that allowed me to put them into the mats surrounding the ice, instead). Finally, if you need to know the rules for this map, they're the same as Curling v3, so please see that map for them.


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8 years ago