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HaxMap: Hırsız & Polis | (Cops and Robbers) by Namajunas
hax ball maps | Hırsız & Polis | (Cops and Robbers) by Namajunas

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hırsız ve polis haritasının yeni versiyonunu derledim. red kaçan, blue yakalayan taraf klasik şekilde

sağ üste rakibinizi çekin ve pembe topu kickleyip kutunun içine hapsededebilirsiniz rakibinizi. (sarı toplar redi öldürür)

I compiled the new version of the thief and police map. Red is the side that escapes, blue is the side that catches, in the classic way

Pull your opponent to the ball right and you can kick the pink ball and trap your opponent in the box. (yellow balls kill red)

discord: namajunas7100



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5 months ago