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HaxMap: Billiards
hax ball maps | Billiards

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⚜️ Billiards ⚜️
Billiards 8 Ball with aiming line and shift for speed. Default is slow for

Basic Rules
- One shot each player
- Score the balls with the same color as your player
- If you score you shot again
- Scoring black must be the last one or you lose
- Scoring white is foul
Fouls are 2 turns for the opponent's team (if they do not commit another foul)

Extended Rules
These are standard billiard rules you can apply in HaxBall too if desired.

- Foul when you do not touch any ball of your team
- Foul when you touch first a ball of opponent's team
- Foul if you shot the ball when balls are still moving
- After scoring the white ball you must shot to the right, from the 1/4 left part of the table (kickoff area)
- Black, the last ball, must be scored in the opposite hole of your last scored ball. You lose scoring in another hole.
- You lose if you score both black and white balls with the same shot.



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