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HaxMap: Lucky Ball Deluxe v2 by Trashonn
hax ball maps | Lucky Ball Deluxe v2 by Trashonn

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If you can't see the picture, this is the link of the picture (https://ibb.co/vc21x34)

Don't worry, this purple balls are moving right and left when you open the map.

White Ball=Be Admin (if you lucky enough :D)
Dark Blue Ball= Ban Vote (Host Admin excluding, if Normal Admin chosen, he/she is not Admin anymore.)
Light Blue Ball= Protection (1 time, can be accumulate.)
Green Ball= Kick Vote (Admin(s) can't be choose.)
Gray Ball= Retry Again
Yellow Ball=Unprotection (if you have not protection, pass your turn)
Red Ball= Get Kicked (Can you join room again, don't worry. :) )
Black Ball=Get Banned (if you get banned you can't join room again but if you avoid getting banned by admin, can you join room again :D)

Note: if Host Admin gets Black Ball, the room closes but before everything,
this is the decision of the Admin so you may not be able to close the room.



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