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HaxMap: The Royal Game of Ur
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Alfadir#2694 Game of Ur is the most ancient tabletop strategy game played with dice similar to its' successor backgammon. Each player has 4 pieces on the hand (originally 7) to have them follow a specific path on the board and to collect. The first player collecting all 4 pieces wins the game. To throw the dice, kick it and its' cursor (reverse directions preferably). The number you got is how much squares you can proceed with your piece. The path you should follow shown with little arrows in the squares (the square with letter A being the starting, and Ω (omega) being the last square). Left lane is safe for red, right lane is safe for blue. Middle lane however is a battlefield. You can send oppenent piece to his hand if you land exactly on the same square it stands. There can never be 2 pieces at the same square. If your piece land on one of the squares with moving pentagons similar to dice it means you throw dice again. The yellow colored square is a safe spot which means you cant be killed there. Last rule, you have to throw the exact number of square to get out of the board. If you are at the last square (omega) for exemple you have to throw 1 to make point. Why would anyone play a board game in haxball? Honestly i dont know but if you do have fun! :)



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