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HaxMap: New Futsal by Czarni Olecko
hax ball maps | New Futsal by Czarni Olecko

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The real screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/R0yrGKO.png ;
I have tried to create map which combines all of the best things from every futsal map I have seen and introduces new physics similar to real futsal. ;
Highlights: - changed ball and players physics - it should be easier to do tricks, ball feels heavier and gameplay is overall a bit faster; - field looks alike in an real Futsal CL; - added second net, acting like real, using joints and gravity; - goals are a little smaller than in Big to make it feel more alike in normal futsal; - fixed an issue with ball launching out the field; - new custom background colour; - map is slightly zoomed to make second background visible without any problems on every monitor; - created using traits so feel free to edit it! ;
So have fun! If you have any ideas, problems or suggestions feel free to email (check my profile). I would really appreciate to see your point of view.



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3 years ago