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HaxMap: Basketball by Czarni Olecko (visvaya)
hax ball maps | Basketball by Czarni Olecko (visvaya)

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After about 4 years I'm coming back from mapping retirement with an refreshed basketball map created using some of the new abilities.

- (view of final map version) https://i.imgur.com/QHZEc7v.png ;
- (view of beta) https://i.imgur.com/O61deVg.png ;

- totally changed ball and players physics - ball passes through players until they kick it, which provides an ability to dribble in a completely new way!;
- court looks alike in an real NBA matches;
- spawn is more realistic and players create an circle around the ball;
- ball and player are a little bigger;
- added bench using joints and gravity;
- fixed an issue with ball launching out of baskets;
- new custom background colour;
- created using traits so feel free to edit it!

Have fun!

If you have any ideas, problems or suggestions feel free to email (check my profile). I would really appreciate to see your point of view.



Time Added

4 years ago