HaxMaps website is the biggest archive of maps for amazing multiplayer browser game - HaxBall. People come here to share their maps with visitors which they were preparing for a long time. By browsing this website, you can find most popular maps according to different criteria.

For now we have over: 1 521 diferent maps from over: 332 unique authors. We wish you good luck finding your best map.
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If you have created HaxBall Map and want to share it with others, you can apply this form and HaxMaps.com visitors will immediately see your product wich you were preparing for a long time.

Almost always the most popular maps are the ones who have a detailes description in english language.

If you will upload HaxBall Maps like registered user, you will get opportunity to update it later. No matter or only description, or even all map's file with fixed bugs. This function is often used for not having to upload same map again and losing its rating. Also, visitors will find it easier to reach your other uploaded maps.

The System automaticaly checks whether your map wasn't uploaded earlier. For not having two same maps.

After you upload your map, you will see how system tries to generate a photo. But its not happening all the time. Maps will be deleted if their description won't be in english, if they won't have a photo or if it's same map as uploaded earlier.

Good luck browsing HaxMaps.com and kicking goals in HaxBall game.
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