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HaxMap: Knightmare-Athon Raceway by Galactic Boy
hax ball maps | Knightmare-Athon Raceway by Galactic Boy

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Knightmare-Athon is a race circuit from an old game, named Lego Racers. So why I chose this map? The first reason is that this map is one of the hard circuits in the game. Hard collectable power-ups, creature who fires cannonballs from flying ships etc. Also there were lots of rumors about the (nonexistent?) shortcuts of this map since the game was modded by its developer, High Voltage Software. So, the shortcuts are exist or not? The correct answer is yes, there are exactly two shortcuts but they are not exist on the map since they were removed by developers at 2001 version. But I have added one of the shortcuts when I was creating this map. By the way, I'm not going to add any preview of this map since it is unplayable at the Flash version. Finally, I'm going to leave a link to here. You can see the whole map image and play this map with the music sang in the video. Nice play. :) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhVRVxQZ0-w



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5 months ago


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