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HaxMap: Korfball by Galactic Boy
hax ball maps | Korfball by Galactic Boy

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Korfball is a game played by two teams that contains eight players (four men and four women). But in haxball, you must not to play eight to eight or find four men and four women in order to play it ;). Rules are simple: Dribbling and tackling is not allowed, and one striker can be defended by only one defender in the same time. The yellow circles are the goals. By the way: There are exactly three korfball maps (except this map) in this site made by a Polish player named as mario, but these maps are not the original korfball, so I had decided to make a korfball map that seems like almost original. I hope you like it. If you would like to see rules, you can visit that websites: https://ikf.org/ http://www.rulesofsport.com/sports/korfball.html ... Have fun ;)


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