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HaxMap: Volleyball 3D by Osprey mod tito76
hax ball maps | Volleyball 3D by Osprey mod tito76

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---ENG--- Mod: default (HaxBall) settings for ball size and players physic. Suggested rules: 2v2 or 3v3 only, some as volley but block at the net count as hit (so it's not always easy to retrieve and set the action again from zero... everything becomes more varied and spectacular). ---ITA--- Mod: impostazioni default (HaxBall) per dimensione palla e fisica giocatori. Regole suggerite: solo 2v2 o 3v3, come volley ma murare a rete conta come tocco (così non è sempre facile recuperare e impostare l'azione da capo... tutto diventa più vario e spettacolare).



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