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HaxMap: 6-Man/6Man v2 (No Avatars) (by Osprey)
hax ball maps | 6-Man/6Man v2 (No Avatars) (by Osprey)

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This is 6-Man, except for one important, new feature: keeping score with avatars is no longer needed. When you're scored on, move one of the score-keeping balls on your net from the left to the right, instead. The rules are: Each player picks a net and defends it. Being scored on or being the last player to a touch a ball that goes in the net of an eliminated player means having to subtract a life by moving one of the score-keeping balls from left to right. That player then has the next kickoff. When out of lives, the player must be removed from the game. The player who scored or was next to last to touch the ball has the next kickoff. The last player remaining wins. Optionally, the winner may start the next game with 4 lives by moving the spare ball from the right to left.


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