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HaxMap: Curling v2c (by Osprey) (Old Version)
hax ball maps | Curling v2c (by Osprey) (Old Version)

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This is the older version of my map, which I'm leaving up just in case some people prefer it. I recommend downloading Curling v3, instead. To play: The two sides alternate throwing stones (balls) toward the circles. If using teams, players should pick an order and stick to it. The winner is simply whichever side has the closest stone to the center of the circles. If a team has the closest stone, a good strategy is to place guards to make it hard for the other team to remove or beat it. If any stones do not make it past the second red line, they must be removed by entering the middle ice area and pushing them off of the playing surface. Enjoy!


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United States

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6 years ago


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