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People come here to share their maps or download other's.

For now we have over: 7456 diferent maps from over: 3730 unique authors. We wish you good luck finding your best map.
HaxBall Chat Bar Commands

/avatar xx - To change your Player's symbols enter this command and replace xx with your symbols.

/store - (Works only in the flash version of the game) To add current Custom Map to your map list. So you could load it quickly next time.

/handicap 200 - To add lag (ping) to yourself and reduce it to other players. For example: if you are afk and don't want to be kicked. (replace 200 with 'delay in miliseconds')

/set_password xxxxx - To set password to the room. You have to be an admin. (replace xxxxx with your password)

/clear_password - To delete room password so everybody could come. You have to be an admin of the room.

/colors < Team > < Angle > < AvatarColor > [ Color1 ] [ Color2 ] [ Color3 ] - To change colors of player's circles. More about it: HaxColors.com.

/colors < Team > clear - To remove team colors. You have to be an admin of the room.

P button - To pause game during match. You have to be an admin of the room.

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